Witches/Wizards of Vee

Four of us from the office donned a cape and hat to join in on Mirvac’s annual scavenger hunt.  As the newbies to this awesomely fun event….let’s just say, we didn’t come last!  Despite our not-so-great placement we had so much fun representing Vee.  With our issued mascot in tow (a bunch of yellow balloons that had to feature in every photo!)….we set off around Brisbane city, and eventually Southbank. Much to the amusement of many onlookers!  We YMCA’d (in public what’s more)…sung, danced, hugged land art and …

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Vee Melbourne Cup

Themed as yellow, grey/silver or white (just because), we had a fabulous spread for lunch and all got into the spirit of the day 🙂  Some lucky winners in the office sweeps…and some not so lucky!

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Vee Retreat 2017

Every year the Vee employees have a retreat – a chance to get away from the office, set new goals, do some team building and get to know each other away from the pressures of work.  This year we enjoyed a rustic farm stay in the Evan’s Heads hinterlands (with a pitstop for lunch at Lennox Head on the way!).  All of the above were accomplished – along with copious amounts of food, a bonfire, enjoying the wildlife and pet dogs.  With very limited wifi it was a …

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AILA Awards Night 2017

The 2017 AILA QLD Chapter Awards was a relished opportunity to celebrate with both our Vee colleagues and the broader Landscape Architecture community; a community in which there are more supportive peers and fellow Landscape nerds than competition. Cloudland was the perfect location for the soiree; with its over the top decorations and attentive service. After a greeting at the door from one of our missed ex-Vee-ites, the ever vibrant Amanda Larsson, we arrived at cocktail hour where the party was well underway and stories were being told …

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Watercolour Workshop with Szczepan

When Szczepan Urbanowicz offered to run a watercolour class for our Vee office we were all on board! With varying degrees of skills and abilities (and I mean greatly varying!!), we all picked up our brushes and had some fun together.

Some of us could proudly frame and display our final product.  Some of us could claim the dog ate it!


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Vee Design Office Launch Party

What better way to celebrate Vee’s awesome new offices than with a party & exhibition 🙂

Great company and great food & drinks made for a good night to be had by all.  Huge thanks to everyone who attended and made the evening as fun as it was!


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Our tips on designing parks people will love – Part two

Taking off where we left off in our last post, we share the final 5 tips on how we design parks that are memorable and leave lasting impressions; parks that will draw the community back over and over again, parks that get better with age.

“Parks need to be functional, addressing those basic needs around comfort, safety and activation, but the great parks will offer much more.”

Our next 5 tips outline the principles and strategies that we use to design parks that are unique, memorable and what we like to call “born from …

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Our tips on designing parks people will love – Part one

We have a saying at Vee Design that goes like this.

“People will never know how a place was designed, people will rarely know who designed it, but people will always remember how it made them feel.”

This simple saying really captures the reason why we design parklands for the community. The memories we take away from our time spent with friends and family in a great park will stay with us for a lifetime.

I still remember spending my school holidays with my cousins roaming the Sherwood Arboretum, climbing trees, …

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How to make the Council Approval process easier

The large majority of the landscape and urban design projects we design, require some level of approval from the Local Council authority, and on some occasions, approval from various State Government authorities as well. If you understand the local government approval process, you are doing better than most. However, even if you do understand the process, it can still be complicated, involved and often frustrating.
Even projects we design directly for Council require approval from various other internal council divisions.  However, regardless of the project, we have found one …

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5 Critical things Great Clients do Differently

Clients often spend a lot of time assessing the qualities of the design consultant they want working on their project, but assessing what type of Client they want to be on their project is as equally important.
There is no denying that the relationship between client and designer is critical to the success of your project but remembering that each have an equally important role to play in the process. As Design Consultants, our role is to serve our clients by solving their problems in creative and innovative ways, …

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What is the Future of our Community Parks

So often we are asked by our Clients to design parks and open space that meets the demands of their future communities, ensuring that they are not only recreational draw cards from the day they open but they improve with age and endure the test of time. The key to delivering our modern parks of tomorrow is to understand how our communities’ recreational needs and culture is changing, and how communities need to be utilising parks in the future.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Anzac Dawn …

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Do you have the courage to be Creative?

There are some people in this world that would consider themselves creative, and then there are the majority of others that believe they do not possess a creative bone in their body. I hear it all the time, “no I’m not the creative one, my brother got the creative gene,” or “that is why we employ designers, they are the creative ones”. But I believe we all can be creative, there is just one major attribute you need.

Think back to your early primary school childhood, or look at your …

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Good Design isn’t Cheap and Cheap Design isn’t Good

After more than twenty years in the Landscape and Urban Design industry, one of the most challenging things to get right is estimating fees. But when it comes to design, should the cost of fees be the major factor in deciding the right designer for you and your project?

For some clients, fees can be the primary driver for selecting a designer. This may be valid, but in terms of the overall financial investment in your project, your designer’s fees make up only a small percentage of that overall investment. …

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Great Parks make Good Financial Investments

How many great cities build community ownership and pride based on their exceptional sewer system? How many businesses and visitors do you attract to a city boasting a great rubbish collection system? How many cities promote themselves to new residents and investors on a comprehensive water supply network?

The reality is that these public services are expected in a good city, but the most successful cities, the richest communities, the fastest growing cities are those that put a high priority on their public realm – their parks, open space …

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Great Streets need Great Trees: Why Urban Trees are more than just Design

In South East Queensland, many of our most sought after residential addresses (Laurel Avenue, Chelmer;   Abbott Street New Farm; Yabba Street, Ascot) and most of our popular urban retail & dining streets (James Street, New Farm; Oxford Street, Bulimba; Little Stanley Street, Southbank) are lined with large shade urban trees with canopies that reach across the street.

While the visual impact of great urban trees is easy to understand, many of the other benefits they provide are not generally considered, health and social benefits, economic benefits, climate and environmental …

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