Central Park, North Shore

Location: Townsville
Client: Stockland

The Townsville Community will love this park

Central Park at North Shore when fully delivered will become one of the major recreational attractors for the whole Townsville region, drawing visitor from across the city. Encompassing 17 hectares of open space adjacent to the Town Centre, Central Park will be a regional park combining natural riparian creek lines, passive open space facilities and community sporting facilities for the local region. The park will be developed in stages, and will include formal sports fields and clubhouse facilities, regional scale discovery playgrounds, adventure play, urban plaza, outdoor community kitchens, living arbours, walking & jogging trails, art gardens and picnic areas set within natural open space settings.  Townsville you are going to love this.

“I was so impressed with the design workshop process Vee Design undertook to develop the design for Central Park. To see the design evolve in our own boardroom allowed Stockland to be part of the design process. I was amazed at design content David and his team were able to produced in the three days.”

Andrew Wallace
Stockland Development Manager