Ipswich River Heart Parklands

Location: Ipswich CBD
Client: Ipswich City Council

Rebuilding a city following despair

Have you ever got to the end of a project, looked back and gone… how did we do that?
Well, that is exactly what we did when Ipswich River Heart Stage 2 was opened to the public by the Mayor of Ipswich City on the banks of the Bremer River.

As part of the city’s re-building response to the damage caused by the 2011 floods that inundated the city, River Heart Parklands Stage 2 had to be delivered quickly and offer the city a facility not previously seen, in order to rebuild belief and moral back into the community.

In 10 months from design commission to opening, we were able to redevelop a neglected, socially unappealing, vertically challenged parcel of waterfront land into a community asset that now brings crowds of people together every weekend. Incorporating a regional wet and dry playground, a discovery play forest, tree top boardwalk link and a feature story wall events lawn, Ipswich River Heart Parklands was the catalyst for the city’s rebuilding and Ipswich CBD’s reconnection back to the Bremer River.

“Above and beyond a standard park- truly a masterpiece that demonstrates the value of families in Ipswich.”

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