Lismore Park

Location: Lismore, NSW
Client: Lismore City Council

Repositioning Lismore’s Community Heart

A forgotten park in the centre of a town carved off over time to various sporting uses, disconnected from the city, dominated by roads and ad hoc car parks; a scenario not uncommon to many regional towns.
Lismore City Council’s vision is to return Lismore Park to the community. To become the community heart of Lismore, event lawns, custom playgrounds with water, café and kiosk with a network of paths, entries, avenues and integrated car parking that offers a civic gathering place for large community events through to family picnics and birthday parties. We love helping regional local authorities reshape their cities.

“The Lismore Park Master Plan has now been completed and endorsed by Council. It has a real “wow” factor, thank you Vee Designs for helping us get closer to turning this dream into a reality.”

James Voght
Community Services Officer, Sport & Recreation, Lismore City Council