Sunhaven Park

Location: Townsville
Client: Stockland

It’s all about the kids

Sunhaven Park is the signature parkland and children’s playground servicing 500 homes in Sunhaven Village at North Shore. A unique feature of the park is a large amount of natural understory grasses and trees that were retained establishing a unique character. However, Sunhaven Park is now recognised amongst the North Shore community as having some of the best play facilities for young children. As well as the expected swings and slides, elements such as balancing beams, steppers, learn to ride bike course, mini tennis court and interactive sand and water table, combined with barbeque, picnic shelters and ample shade, it makes Sunhaven Park one of the most popular local parks in the whole of North Shore for weekend birthday parties and weekday mothers’ groups.

“The best part of this park is the awesome bike paths, they have stop and give way signs and the paths have different textures for a 4wd Biking experience. All the equipment is amazing and fun and a family of varying ages could enjoy their time here. This park is a winner.”

Townsville Kids
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