Vee Design joins Qfresh Port Folio Event

05 Aug, 2016 News

Vee Design’s Julian Hyde, on behalf of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), recently put together an event for Queensland University of Technology Landscape Architecture students called the Qfresh Port Folio. The event was focused on a Q&A discussion with industry professionals from 5 top-tier Landscape firms within Brisbane. The informal Q&A discussion provided industry insight as to what constituted a quality portfolio, and what certain Landscape Architecture firms were looking for when it came to the presentation, format and graphic style of a portfolio.

Qfresh Port Folio - Vee design
Luke with the Panel of LA’s at the Qfresh Port Folio Event (from left to right: David Hatherly, Deb Robbins, Steve Dunn, Penny Spiers, and Damian Thompson)


David Hatherly, Director of Vee Design sat on the panel of 5 industry professionals and discussed relevant topics and thoughts relating to portfolios. Apart from the important discussion regarding portfolios, David, along with other professionals on the night, discussed the importance of culture and personality. The professional perspectives on how an individual would fit into certain design firm cultures, and which firms to approach elevated the discussion to include other aspects of how students and graduates can seek employment.

Overall, the event was well attended and concluded with networking drinks between the students and professionals. David and Julian look forward to the next Port Folio event in which students will have the opportunity to create a draft portfolio of their own and seek feedback from the professionals as to how they can improve their own portfolios.

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